Original paintings,  collage, & Mixed Media

Dreamscapes Series

Coming up with a totally new way of creating art was great fun.  I created a photo montage,  photographed the montage and manipulated it in an art app. I printed out the results and collaged it together.  Finally I drew on the collage with pens and pencils.


Abstract paintings can range from slightly distorting realistic objects to totally nonrepresentational pieces.  Regardless of what I'm working on, all of my paintings and collage works begin as abstracts.  The closer you get to a work, the more interesting and mysterious it should become.  WATCH FOR A NEW SERIES OF ABSTRACTS IN THE WORKS SOON!


As an avid gardener I take great pleasure in digging in the dirt and watching plants grow and blossom.  What better way to extend the joy than to paint from what I see growing. 

 WORKS IN series

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Hardage Fine Art

Blue Pitcher Series

My challenge in this series was, using acrylic paints, how many different ways could I represent one object.  A little blue pitcher was the subject who took on a personality all his own. 

Pelican Series

A visit to a local bird sanctuary in St. Petersburg, Florida led to this series of pelicans enjoying a morning gab fest as they waited for fishermen to clean their catches and toss the leftovers to their avid audience.

Beaches Series

This series in oils  is a reminiscence of my childhood walking the many Florida beaches where I grew up.  Revisiting them each year, I add a painting or two to bring me back "home." Visits to Folly Beach have been added to this series.

Destructions Series

Creating a mixed media painting is probably the most relaxed and exciting type of work that I do.  The painting is created in layers on which I may scribble, rub, draw, print, paint or collage.   As the layers build up, great depth and complexity result.


 Informal character studies are very appealing.  It is especially fun to paint people that I know or who catch my attention with their attitude or posture.


Plein air (outdoor) painting is one of the joys of my life.  Whether it's in the backyard or at a friend's, or traveling to exotic places, painting in nature is as good as it gets.  Recently I've begun adding figures to some of the landscapes -- these works may not be as tranquil as those of just nature but they bring back memories for just about all of us.


Industrial Spectrum Series

This collage series is based on paintings and photographs of industrial sites taken in the 1930's.  Abstracting the industrial concept and then representing it in unexpected colors created an unusual response to the geometry and movement in factories.  THIS SERIES IS SOLD.

Animals and Birds

I have loved animals and birds all of my life, so painting them seems only natural.