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Hardage Fine Art

     For thirty fulfilling years as a teacher, even though I didn't teach it, art was always a major influence.  At every opportunity, I included art in the subjects I taught -- into history, videography, even psychology.  When I retired , I could finally devote myself full time to painting and collage.  What began as a passion, soon became an obsession. 

      For me, art making is a very sensual experience, from the gestures that result from the movements I make, to the feel of the different media in my hand (pastels, brushes, papers) I experience not only the effect of putting a mark on my canvas or paper, but the melodies that the colors and shapes evoke.   At times the paintings and collages are lyrical, at times mysterious.  Sometimes they are very realistic and at others completely nonrepresentational.

      The subject matter in each series of work determines the materials and approach I choose, but as the work progresses, each piece has a "voice" that joins with my original ideas and feelings.   I often repeat a theme in several different sizes and media, assembling them to create new variations.

      As I explore new themes I will continue to develop multiple applications of my materials, blending them in ever more sophisticated ways that combine the tactile with the visual and that hopefully speak to those who view them.

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